Year: 2019

  • Current Dilemma and Future of Software Patenting


    Yahong Li, IIC – International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, July 2019.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Recent Developments and Legal and Policy Implications


    This talk will be held on Friday, November 1 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in HKU.

  • Belt & Road, China Manufacturing and Successful IP Strategies in Light of the US-China Trade Dispute


    This talk will be held on Thursday, October 31, from 1pm to 2pm at HKU.

  • 淺談香港法院如何解決雙語法例的分歧


    Anne Cheung’s book chapter in 《香港雙語法制: 語言與翻譯》(Bilingual Legal System in Hong Kong: Language and Translation) published by the HKU Press in 2019.

  • Yahong elected to be Executive Committee member of ATRIP


    Yahong was elected to be member of ATRIP Executive Committee of the Association, which is the most prestigious IP association in the world. This post also includes accomplishments of Ms. Deng Zhaoxia, a PhD student supervised by Yahong.

  • Music Copyright Society of China Has Legal Right and Standing to Bring Lawsuit in Its Own Name

    Yahong Li’s book chapter in Liu, Kung-Chung (Eds.), Annotated Leading Copyright Cases in Major Asian Jurisdictions. City University of Hong Kong Press, 2019, p. 98-110.

  • Reminiscing About the Golden Age: An Analysis of Efforts to Revive the Hong Kong Film Industry Through the Lens of Copyright Protection


    Yahong Li’s book chapter in Liu, Kung-Chung, Racherla, Uday (Eds.), Innovation, Economic Development, and Intellectual Property in India and China. Springer, 2019, p. 145-172.

  • Upload Filters, Publisher’s Right and Beyond: A Critical Analysis of the EU Copyright Reform


    This talk will be held on Wednesday, September 18, from 1pm to 2pm at HKU.



    This event will be held in the CUHK on Monday, September 16, 2019.

  • Copyrightability of Remixes and Creation of Remix Rights


    Yahong Li’s book chapter in Susy Frankel (ed.), Is Intellectual Property Pluralism Functional? ATRIP Intellectual Property Series. Edward Elgar, 2019, p. 288 – 309.

  • Book Talk: Law, Technology and Society: Reimagining the Regulatory Environment


    This talk will be held on Tuesday, July 16 from 4pm to 5pm at the University Bookstore of HKU.

  • Rising to Legal Challenges in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


    This conference will be held at HKU on July 15, 2019 from 9am to 6pm.

  • New Technology and Changing Legal Econsystems: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


    The event was held on May 20, 2019 from 6pm to 9pm at the Hong Kong Bankers Club.

  • A Network Theory of Patentability


    Ryan Whalen & Pedraza-Farina, LG, University of Chicago Law Review, vol. 87, 2019.

  • Intellectual Property in Hong Kong (1st Edition)


    Published by the LexisNexis in 2019, this book covers all the main IP causes of action, the interplay of IP and competition law, domain name recovery and cross border enforcement of IP rights.

  • Copyright Law as an Engine of Public Interest Protection


    Haochen Sun, Northwestern Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property, 2018.

  • Identity Construction of Suspects in Telecom and Internet Fraud Discourse: From a Sociosemiotic Perspective

    Ning Ye, Le Cheng & Yun Zhao, Social Semiotics, March 2019.

  • Online Privacy Protection


    Zhao Yun’s book chapter in Zhao, Y & Ng, M (Eds.), Chinese Legal Reform and the Global Legal Order: Adoption and Adaptation.
    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, p. 156-178, 2018.

  • 互聯網運動式管理與治國的路徑依賴 (The Campaign-style Governance of the Mainland Internet)


    This talk will be held on Friday, April 26 from 1pm-2pm.

  • Identity Construction of Suspects in Telecom and Internet Fraud Discourse


    Ning Ye, Le Cheng & Yun Zhao (2019) Identity construction of suspects in telecom and internet fraud discourse: from a sociosemiotic perspective, Social Semiotics, 29:3, p. 319-335.