Advanced Master in Technology Governance (U. of Amsterdam)

The University of Amsterdam Law School has launched a new Advanced Master in Technology Governance.

Study programme: The Advanced Master’s Technology Governance is a full-time programme of 1 year. Read more about the curriculum and the contents of the courses.

Curriculum: The programme is organised around two 12 EC fundamental courses, which lay the groundwork for the legal and non-legal forms of technology governance. These are followed by two 6 EC courses which build upon the foundational courses by applying the knowledge gained in these courses in more specific topics, namely technology-specific risk governance and AI governance. The knowledge gained in the mandatory core courses is extended in two elective courses where you can focus on one or more specific governance domains, such as more in-depth courses in information systems design, or economics. The electives allows you to take advantage of your previous professional/educational background by gaining further experience in these domains or expand your horizon by choosing subjects that you have not previously encountered.

The details of the programme can be found at