Enforcement of Intellectual Property and Related Rights from Internet-based Platforms

Click here to download the lecture notes prepared by Norman.  The notes are presented during Norman’s presentation.

Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Time: 1pm – 2pm (Hong Kong Time) via Zoom

Speaker: Norman Hui (Principal Lecturer, Department of Professional Legal Education, HKU; Barrister of the High Court of the HKSAR)

Abstract: Corporate competitors and disgruntled individuals are now increasingly using the internet as a platform to make attacks on the owners of intellectual property and related rights. The disputes are usually grounded in the laws of intellectual property and associated causes of action but the internet continues to evolve which offers new challenges to enforcement. The areas to be covered in this talk include what are the traditional forms of intellectual property? What are the related forms of rights associated with intellectual property? How is the internet being used as a platform to damage such intellectual property and related rights? What are the challenges to enforcement when the internet is used as a platform? How to enforce such intellectual property and related rights when the internet is involved?

About the speaker: Norman is a Principal Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong in the PCLL course and joined the Department of Professional Legal Education in August 2004.  He is the course coordinator for Civil Advocacy, Personal Injuries Litigation, teaches on the Professional Practice course and was the course coordinator for the Litigation Stream (as it then was). Norman is an editor for Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong on Publication (Lexis Nexis, Hong Kong), an author for Professional Conduct of Lawyers in Hong Kong (Lexis Nexis, Hong Kong), a co-author for Commercial Litigation in Hong Kong: A Practical Guide (Sweet & Maxwell) and is a consultant on the editorial board for Dispute Resolution (Personal Injuries) (Lexis Nexis, Hong Kong). Norman was called to the Bar in Hong Kong in 1996 and maintains a practice at the Bar. His practice is focused on intellectual property disputes as well as general civil, commercial and personal injuries cases.