HKU Survey on IP Dispute Resolution in Hong Kong

The Law and Technology Centre of the University of Hong Kong is preparing a report on how to improve the intellectual property (IP) dispute resolution system in Hong Kong.

The report seeks to reflect the industry and practitioners’ views of the current IP dispute resolution system in Hong Kong. We are therefore conducting a survey on this topic.

The survey questions can be accessed through this link:

We would be very grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to complete the survey. Your views are very important to us. You may fill this survey anonymously if you wish. However, you can provide your name and/or affiliation if you wish.
We would also be grateful if you could kindly send the survey to your colleagues, friends and external contacts that have knowledge and experience of IP dispute resolution in Hong Kong or other jurisdictions.

Should you have any enquires about the survey, please feel free to contact our Centre’s Assistant Research Officer, Michael Cheung, at