III Global Animal Law Conference (4-5 May 2018)

The purpose of this Conference is to bring together experienced legal thinkers and writers in the area of animal law, in order to learn about how the different legal systems of the world are dealing with animal issues in their respective countries. It is hoped that the exchange of ideas and information will support future legal developments which will enhance the status of animals around the world. Speakers from 17 countries, representing over 20 universities will be present.

Many of the speakers have authored important books and articles in the area of animal law. Most of the speakers come from a legal academic background.


Sponsoring Academic Intuitions:
The University of Hong Kong Law Faculty
Michigan State University College of Law Animal Law Program,
Lewis and Clark School of Law Center for Animal Law Studies,
Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona Masters in Animal Law,
Harvard Law School Animal Law and Policy Program.

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