• Competition Law in Developing Countries


    Competition Law in Developing Countries, authored by Thomas Cheng, Oxford University Press, May 2020, 608 pages.

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  • Corporate Fundamental Responsibility: What Do Technology Companies Owe the World?


    Haochen’s article on University of Miami Law Review, Volume 74, Issue 3, Article 6. Published in April 2020.

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  • Copyright Issues with the “Black Hole” Image and Their Legal Implications


    Yahong Li, Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal, published on 31 January 2020.

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  • The Age of Remix and Copyright Law Reform


    Yahong Li, Law, Innovation and Technology, published on 18 February 2020.

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  • A Network Theory of Patentability


    The article co-authored by Ryan Whalen was published on The University of Chicago Law Review, January 2020, Vol 87.1, pp 63-144.

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  • Semantically-based Patent Thicket Identification

    Article “Semantically-based patent thicket identification” by Mateusz Gątkowski, Marek Dietl, Łukasz Skrok, Ryan Whalen, Katharine Rockett on Research Policy.

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  • Identity Construction of Suspects in Telecom and Internet Fraud Discourse


    “Identity construction of suspects in telecom and internet fraud discourse: from a sociosemiotic perspective” by Ning Ye, Le Cheng & Yun Zhao, Social Semiotics, published online: 25 Mar 2019.

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  • New book by Zhao Yun: International Governance and the Rule of Law in China under the Belt and Road Initiative


    International Governance and the Rule of Law in China under the Belt and Road Initiative, Edited by Yun Zhao, Cambridge University Press, September 2018, 330 pp.

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  • Current Dilemma and Future of Software Patenting


    Yahong Li, IIC – International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, July 2019.

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  • Yahong elected to be Executive Committee member of ATRIP


    Yahong was elected to be member of ATRIP Executive Committee of the Association, which is the most prestigious IP association in the world. This post also includes accomplishments of Ms. Deng Zhaoxia, a PhD student supervised by Yahong.

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