NEW: Knowledge Exchange (KE) Engagement Activity: WYHK visiting HKU Faculty of Law

The Knowledge Exchange (KE) Engagment Activity called Hong Kong Wah Yan College (WYHK) visiting HKU Faculty of Law, organized by our Faculty KE unit, was held on 27th November (Tue), 2018, in the afternoon.   WYHK alumni cum HKU Faculty of Law Associate Professor Dr Michael Ng had an interactive “knowledge exchange” with five brilliant Secondary 6 WYHK students who are eager to study HKU law degrees in the future.  Dr Michael Ng and the KE Manager Ms Ivy Lai led the students a tour through which they could take photos to build up their portfilios for JUPAS OEAs.  Places they visited are: Small Moot Court (7/f), Academic Conference room (11/f), Large Moot Court (2/f), Law Library (1/f) etc The teacher and students enjoyed the sharing with Dr Michael Ng and the tour very much.  It gave them “a new perspective” of studying law in HKU.  In the Law Library, they read the court cases in joy of fulfillment. The whole event is very informative and inspiring.

Special thanks to Dr Michael Ng, our law academic, who devoted his precious time to participate in a meaningful knowledge exchange with prospective law students coming from his alma mater. 

WYHK teacher Ms Amelia Yiu presented a flag and a souvenir to our HKU Law academic cum WYHK Alumni Dr Michael Ng to express token of thanks.

This is the first time to link a law academic with his/her alma mater. It is very successful. This new KE initiative brings new light to our Faculty’s KE. Any law academic who is interested to contribute to his/her alma mater for carrying out a KE Engagement Activity could approach the Faculty’s KE unit for further liasion.

Teachers who are interested to carry out KE Engagement Activity of such kind (irrespective of any linkage to alumni in faculty academics) could contact the KE Manager Ms Ivy Lai at