Alice Lee

Associate Professor, Department of Law

Alice SC Lee, LLB (HKU) and BCL (Oxford), is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong. She was Associate Dean (Academic Affairs) and chair of the Law Faculty Teaching & Learning Quality Committee from 2011 to 2020. She also chaired the HKU Teaching Exchange Fellowship scheme from 2017 to 2021.  Alice specializes in property law and intellectual property education, co-founded Creative Commons Hong Kong ( and initiated an IP Ambassador Programme with the HKSAR Intellectual Property Department for university students to share their knowledge with secondary schools and join IPD seminars to learn from practitioners. She has served on consultative committees and statutory bodies including the Advisory Committee on Review of the Patent System (leading to the Patents (Amendment) Ordinance 2016). She has published a YouTube animation series “The Copyright Classroom” to share copyright knowledge with the wider community and the “Lawlypop” series to support students in career planning.

Alice has been partnering with students in Teaching & Learning and mentoring colleagues since she became a Senior Fellow and a Mentor of the UK Higher Education Academy/ Advance HE in 2017 and 2019 respectively. With her students, she co-hosts an education website and publishes co-authored articles to promote student-teacher partnership in higher education: With Professor Glofcheski, she founded a Faculty T&L Interest Group in 2017 and organizes staff seminars for colleagues and experts from other institutions to share their teaching practices. Her innovations have been recognized in the awards she received including the HKU Distinguished University Teaching Award 2019 as well as a student-led Teaching Feedback Award.

As Associate Dean (Academic Affairs), she launched the Law Faculty Teaching Award Scheme in 2012 and co-organized institutional conferences “Co-constructing Excellence: Recognizing, Scaffolding and Building Excellence in University Learning and Teaching” and “U21 Educational Innovation Leadership Symposium” in 2018. She has shared her teaching and assessment practices at, among others, the HKU Authentic Assessment Symposium, HKU Symposium on Feedback for Learning, International Conference on Experiential Learning & Innovations in Legal Education (HKU), The Future of Legal Education Forum (City U), Australasian Professional Legal Education Council Conference 2018, Advance HE Teaching & Learning Conference 2018 (Birmingham), First SoTL Conference of Chinese Higher Education 2019 (Shanghai), and Directions in Legal Education Conference 2020 (CUHK).

With HKU Teaching Development Grants, Alice has explored pedagogical and curriculum innovations in cross-disciplinary projects such as “Studio Without Borders” (2017), “Enhancing Meaningful Intercultural Interactions among Local and Non-local students in classroom” (2017) and “Promoting Creative and Ethical Curriculum and Pedagogical Innovations through Copyright Education” (2019). Her latest project is “Knowledge and Experience Generalization through Sharing by Legal Professionals”, which aims to provide insights for career planning and professional pursuits.

Specialized Areas: Property Law, Intellectual Property Law