Dr. Richard Wu

Associate Professor

Dr Richard Wai-sang Wu, Associate Professor, LLB (HKU) PCLL (HKU), BSc (Economics), LLM (London), MBA (Warwick), LLB, LLM (Peking), LLM (IT and Telecommunications Law) (Strathclyde) and PhD (London).

Dr Wu is one of the few legal scholars who studied common law and Chinese law at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Apart from law, he also received academic training in other disciplines like economics, business administration, sociology and social policy. He completed his doctoral dissertation at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and his research topic was the legal and regulatory reforms for commercialization of state owned banks in China.

Specialized Areas: Legal Profession, Legal Education and Legal Ethics in Hong Kong and China; Telecommunications Law and Policy in Hong Kong and China; Real Estate Law and Practice in Hong Kong and China; and Chinese Banking Law.